Maria Marcus is a producer and songwriter based in Stockholm (Sweden) and Palma (Spain) with her songs and productions sold over 4 million records worldwide. She started out producing her own material as an artist but decided later to ditch the stage in order to concentrate on the studio full time. She is a a stickler for detail and you will recognise this in each and every single production which more often than not encompasses epic soundscapes across a multitude of genres.

One of Maria’s highlights in her career was the song and production "Listen” that was successfully synched in the commercial for James Cameron's TV series "Years of living dangerously”, featuring Harrison Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Matt Damon, Jessica Alba amongst others and released by US Idol contestant Haley Reinhart. (2014)

2015 started out with 3 placements on Namie Amuro's album Genic, the album reached number No. 1 in Japan and 2 on Global World Chart. Korean boyband SHINEe's album "Odd" was No. 1 in Korea where Maria produced and co-wrote the song "Romance”. In the same year f(x) released her song and production “Glitter” co-written with Andreas Öberg.

During the years she has produced and written for a variety of artists including T-Pain (US),  Afrojack (ND),  X-factor finalist Rachel Adedeji (UK), X-factor winner Edita Abdieski (DE). 2016 her winter project; producing and writing the album “Soy Humana” for and with Chenoa, turned no 1 in Spain. 

Her main focus the past 4 years has been writing and producing songs for the Asian market, such as; Girls Generation, SHINEe, Namie Amuro, Kumi Koda, f(x), After School, E-girls, Cho Yong Pihl amongst others. 2016 has included releases on Generations, EXILE TRIBE feat. Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Red Velvet, Oh My Girl, A-side and B-side on Namie Amuro’s single “Mint” that got nominated in MTV Music Award for Best Video.

Along side of this Maria is working on her band project with her colleague Fredrik Thomander; “The Flights” who has released 9 singles so far.